Wabi Sabi is an ever-evolving collaboration between four musicians who bring their collective experiences and expectations to create music that reveals the unique beauty of communication through the gift of music. With a mixture of Jazz, Funk and a heavy backbeat Wabi Sabi keep heads bobbin’ and bootees shakin’ wherever they perform.

Based in Philadelphia, PA Wabi Sabi was founded in 1999 by bassist Pete Chiovarou while attending Ester Boyer College of Music. He envisioned an atmosphere in which participants’ voices could be expressed and explored free of constraint, allowing the greatest gift of all, Imagination to be the guide. While at Ester Boyer Pete met drummer Brian Duffy, guitarist Damon Hunnicutt and saxophonist Dan Friel. Friendships were born and their collective musical experience began.

Building on the freedom that is fostered by each member Wabi Sabi is able to perform for a diverse audience. Wabi Sabi has performed at Tritone and The Highwire Gallery, both home to Philadelphia’s barrier breaking jazz scene as well as hallowed rock ground such as The Khyber and The Grape St. Pub.